Facial rejuvenation during wedding planning


For those who are about to get married or involved in the wedding planning process, it is very important to look your best on the Big Day. However, the aging signs can taint the photos that give you a lifetime of memories of the special day. Hence, lots of people opt for cosmetic surgery before the wedding to enable them to achieve a more glamorous look. Timing is essential in helping to figure out what treatments can be performed and what outcomes someone should expect from facial rejuvenation before a wedding party. 

If you have less than two weeks before a wedding event, it is unwise to go through any cosmetic treatments, even facial fillers or Botox cosmetic. At this time, a makeup makeover and skin care evaluation should be considered. This gives excellent results and can be well worth the investment and time to produce good results without risks.

Bridal skin treatment

For those who have two to three weeks before the special day, consider Botox Cosmetic or facial fillers. These can assist you to soften the wrinkles and facial lines that reveal a person's age. Though the injections can be given at the workplace, in some cases they can bring on bruising or swelling of the face which can take a week to subside. Hence, it is smart to go for these procedures at least two weeks before the big day to make sure that all the skin is back to normal for photographs.


In two to three week prior the event, consider some other procedures like a facelift, brow lift or nose job. All these kinds of treatments require some time to recover and have risks of swelling and bruising. With lasers, the skin will take some time to restore itself and for skin flushing to subside. Usually, three months is sufficient time to enable for resolution of facial redness to the extent that can be covered by make-up.

Stressfull wedding day bride

 Consider having a hair transplant six months before the wedding day if you have  hair  loss and desire to have a head of hair like what you had when you were  younger. The  procedure is an outpatient treatment conducted applying local  anesthesia and takes  six months to get visible results and the hair to regrow.  Moreover, hair can be  transplanted to the eyebrows to form natural, full eyebrows without requiring permanent makeup,

Memories from a wedding can last an entire lifetime. If you're about to get married or part of wedding planning, planning ahead of time can certainly allow for facial rejuvenation that can make the event more memorable.  Visit Chester Laser Clinic for more advice on skin and facial treatments, products available and wedding packages.



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